Montblanc in Denmark 1914 – 1992 ⎪The Untold Story

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The name “Montblanc” need no introduction in the world of writing instruments and equipment. Since the origin of the company in Berlin in 1906, the firm has manufactured and sold a large range of outstanding fountain pens, pencils, and more recently ballpoint pens and roller balls, to discriminating buyers around the globe. Less well known, perhaps, is the history of Montblanc’s relationship with the Danish firm Alfred Th. Øberg A/S, which acted as Montblanc’s agent in Copenhagen for more than 70 years. From the beginning of its association with Montblanc in 1921 to the final corporate liquidation in March of 1992, the Øberg Company imported, marketed, resold and eventually fabricated Montblanc pens in Denmark. This monograph tells the story of the little known “Danish connection”. “An excellent and very interesting book focusing on the Danish pen business, and Montblanc Denmark in particular. A must for pen aficionados with interest in Montblanc.”Out of print

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