Montblanc Ballpoint Pen Refills (M) Pacific Blue 116213 / Refill Cartridges with a Medium Tip for Montblanc Ball Pens / 2 x Blue Ballpoint Refills

Price: $22.00 - $18.08

Montblanc Ballpoint Pen Refills (M) Pacific Blue

The Montblanc Ballpoint Pen Refills are the perfect choice for all Montblanc ballpoint pens except for the Meisterstück Hommage à W.A. Mozart.
The Pacific Blue color creates intensity and mesmerization on paper for a sophisticated and elegant look. The soft tip that does not scratch,
smear, or stick, and is quick-drying for clear and neat handwriting. The pen refills are long-lasting and evenly distribute their intense blue color.

  • Ident. number: 116213
  • Refill type: Ballpoint Pen
  • Size: M = Medium
  • Color: Pacific Blue
  • Packing unit: 2 refills

Montblanc traditional craftsmanship:

Montblanc is one of the world’s leading brands of luxury writing instruments, watches, jewellery, leather goods, fragrances, and eyewear. For
over 100 years, Montblanc has been a synonym for the very highest writing culture. The white star emblem represents the snow-covered peak
of Mont Blanc – the highest European mountain, symbolizing the brand’s commitment to the highest quality and finest craftsmanship. Each
individual product represents Montblanc’s long tradition of fine craftsmanship and its appreciation for the need to take time for the essentials.
As modern life develops at a quickening pace, these values take on a new and greater significance, and Montblanc’s products will help in sharing
these experiences.

The high-quality ballpoint pen refills by Montblanc provide a smooth and consistent ink flow for a superb writing experience – with a medium tip for fluid lines on paper
The refill ink does not smear and is quick-drying – an excellent choice for left-handers / The soft tip does not scrape and is perfect for writing on precious paper
The Pacific Blue color stands for respectability and intriguing creations – ideal for executive business, official letters, and noting down vibrant stories
The navy blue ball point refills fit all Montblanc ballpoint pens except for the Meisterstück Hommage à W.A. Mozart
Items delivered: 2 x Medium Ballpoint Pen Refills by Montblanc in Pacific Blue / Cartridges come in an elegant gift box that mirrors the ink color

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