Handmade Ballpoint Pen Bendecidos 100% Natural Maple Burl Wood Pens with Elegant Pen Gift Boxes – Rose Gold, Black Titanium Metal Plating | Wedding, Graduation, Birthday & Anniversary Gift

Price: $150.00

When the right pen hits the right paper, there’s a little bit of magic. Writing becomes fast and effortless. The pen glides across the paper, capturing the words almost as they are spoken. There are moments when it feels like the pen has a mind of its own. We understand that and craft each of our unique handmade wood pens with artistry, precision, love and integrity.

Bendecidos Handcrafted Pens Made with Blue Maple Burl Wood and Titanium Metal Rose Gold Pen

  • Precision in design: Handcrafted by the owner himself in Midland Texas with the Best Material available and with great attention to detail, you can witness the grandeur of these handcrafted pens once you hold this luxury handmade wood pen in hand.
  • Unique in its own kind: Handcrafted by artisans of a sole owner small business entrepreneur, purchasing this pen supports small business in America! Since these pens are made with wood from the earth, each pen is unique, just like the person who owns it.
  • The Perfect Luxury Pen Gift Boxes: Packaged in an elegant wooden pen gift box, it serves as excellent designer pen gifts for men and women for Christmas, birthdays, thanksgiving, anniversary gifts & gift for colleagues.
    Technical Specifications:

  • Ink Cartridge: Schneider ink cartridge which is the standard of fine writing ink for writing that is free of blotching, skipping, or bleeding
  • Waterproof Ink: Waterproof and smooth viscoglide ink for flawless and secure writing, smooth like the rollerball
  • Ink Style:
  • Color: Rose Gold, Black Titanium, Blue Maple
  • Material: Maple Burl Wood, Rose Gold, Black Titanium Metal Pen and Parker style ballpoint ink cartridge

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