Bendecidos Pens – Blue Maple Burl Fountain Pen – Black Titanium – Fine Point Gold Iridium Nib

Price: $150.00

Bendecidos Pens, based in Midland, Texas, is owned and operated by a sole small business entrepreneur – Rick Hart. Rick puts forth all of the love and labor required to build each pen. While creating each pen Rick focuses on bringing out the beauty of each piece of wood. Since these pens are made with wood from the earth, each is unique, just like the person who owns it. The wood used on this pen is Maple Burl that has been dyed blue during the stabilizing process. Each piece of wood is stabilized which gives it weight and strength. It also preserves the wood so that it polishes out and keeps its beauty for a lifetime. Each pen is handcrafted one at a time with care, prayer, integrity and love, which you will be able to see from the first moment you receive it. Like a fine automobile, these pens are built to be used, not just sit on the desk. Rick ensures that the attention to detail that he puts into each pen will bring a lifetime of use and happiness. Each pen comes beautifully packaged in a cigar style box which makes a great presentation for Christmas, birthdays and anniversary gifts, as well as for display on your desk when not in use. Rick sends his thanks, prayers and blessing with each pen. Features and Details: 1. Each pen is handcrafted in Midland, Texas with only the best material available and is like an individual work of art. 2. Handcrafted by a sole owner small business entrepreneur, so purchasing one of these pens is supporting small business in America. 3. Each pen is beautifully packaged in its own gift box which makes a great presentation for Christmas, birthday and anniversary gifts. Or just to let someone know that you love them.

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